Review on best adjustable hitch

For certain men, Wiring can be a terrifying idea. Basic cabling systems are usually quite basic on trailers.

Many automobile parts stores now carry a plug and go connector for the most common towing vehicle makes. This article would explain the “old school” way to wire a trailer hitch for those who feel adventurous.

Second, determine which form of plug to use. When your truck arrives with a connector, you need to fit the connection. If not, a flat plastic plug with 3 circular plug style female holes and one male prong will be the most common device used. The mating device will have 3 circular prongs and one circular style receptacle for the female. The one pole on each plug in a different type would be the field. Switch on the vehicle with the street lights on.

Keep a set of wires positioned just inside the frame and body at the rear of your vehicle. Locate the wire that is “soft” with the lights on, use a circuit tester. Attach a piece of wire with a pigtail connector long enough to meet your trailer contact spot, after you switch off the lights. The wire attaches to the female receptacle, most often found in the receptacle next to the ground connector. Until finally attaching, you can check by pressing the trailer connections one at a time before you reach the one that lights up the tail lights.

Switch on one of your blinkers and locate the wire which will light your tester. Attach a pigtail the same way, then check the trailer to locate the connection pin that allows the trailer’s proper blinker function with the rig. Now, consider the other wire switch signals the same way.

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